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Thu Jun 2013


Storytelling - making sense of the 'pseudo-modern' world

We are born into, and out of stories, and from the time before we are born we are listening to stories. Since the down of time storytelling was a way of understanding the world and our place in it, and connecting to the great sea of human destiny.

Thu Jun 2013

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Free, everything for free, at what cost though…

I had an interesting discussion today about our new Social Media platform Me: is a Social Media platform for content creation, curation and aggregation. It’s going to be a tool for companies to show what they are about in a single place. Our motto is ‘Bring your background into focus’. Him: Ok, ok, how do you make money?

Tue Jun 2013

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How would Don Draper work today?

What has changed in the last 50 years in the way we work? If Don Draper was working today how would he deliver his pitches? One thing I really like about the Mad Men series is the emphasis on storytelling during Don Draper's pitches. Do you remember the carousel pitch for Kodak? I read an article today about exactly this topic - how people used to work 50 years ago. The entire focus was on technology (??!!). Have we become completely blind to what's important?

Fri Jun 2013

#corporate #marketing #storytelling

Story of a bullet point

We are in the business of telling stories. Everyone can pick up a camera these days and shoot a video, not everyone is able to tell a story. Storytelling is at the core of every message. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about shares and dividends or mining and construction: it has to be entertaining. Otherwise, you know what’s going to happen? Nobody will care. Nobody will listen to your message and you will have spent production money for nothing.

Fri Jun 2013

#language #storytelling #video

The language of video and storytelling

I studied Latin for five years in high school. At the time, my teenage-self didn't think it made much sense studying a language that wouldn't serve any purpose in my everyday life. Looking back, I'm glad not only that I studied Latin, but an infinity of other things that at the time I couldn't place in a specific practical space. What we learn forms the basis of our culture. Without culture we would only have information without the ability to process it and put our perspective around it.

Fri Jun 2013

#ROI #branding #communication #socialmedia

Is Social Media a bunch of bull#%!@?

Tonight we went to a presentation by Mark Ritson (@markritson) at the Melbourne Business School on how really effective Social Media is as a marketing tool. Mark touched on many weak points of social media and on the overall lack of clarity around ROI models. However, since we play in the communication space, we look at things from a different angle: is Social Media bad for brands or are brands bad at using Social Media? In our experience the latter is true.

Fri Jun 2013

#corporate #slider #videoproduction

How many tools do we need?

I guess it has never been easier for video professionals to produce great results with all the great cameras, accessories, etc available today, but how many tools do we need? Maybe it's never enough for us video-geeks. It is definitely the case with the latest accessory from Red Rock Micro. The One Man Crew automatic slider. Personally, I can't wait to be able to use it in one of our productions. It seems so easy to operate that it would definitely complement a small crew for corporate video work.

Mon Jun 2013

#cinematography #tutorial

Zacuto - Revenge of the great camera shootout

Zacuto put a group of diverse cinematographers in the same room with very different cameras and one single set. They experimented with lights, shadows, and color grading to produce the best possible result out of every camera. The results (without naming the cameras) were then showed to other cinematographers. The comments are actually very interesting. The question also is: how important is the tool when operated by experienced cinema and video professionals?

Sat Jun 2013

#CEO #executive #social media

Social Media for CEOs - video presentation

Christian Bertolini talks about social media for CEOs. Why it is important and how it should be treated. CEOs today cannot ignore the power of Social Media. They should embrace the change and organise their companies to maximise the communications result. Too often Social Media is left to the spare time of an intern or of a comms team member. Social Media is a new language and it should be treated accordingly. When dealing with a foreign country companies hire people who can speak a foreign language. In the same way when dealing with social media companies should hire people and organisations that are fluent in this new language.

Sat Jun 2013

#content #marketing #white paper

How to Kick-Start Your Content Marketing

The folks at King Content put together a nice white paper on a Seven Steps approach to content marketing. This is current and important especially considering the impact of video communications. It is crucial for organisations to have a clear understanding of what to promote, how, when and why. Missing to do this leads to communications that cannot bubble up to the surface of the ocean of information we live in today.

Fri May 2013

#cine lens #rokinon #skating #wide lens

Rokinon 8mm Fisheye Cine-Lens

The fisheye lens is a staple of anyone photographing skateboarding and BMX. Rokinon's latest lens—the 8mm T3.8 Cine Lens—should please DSLR videographers looking to get in on the action footage.

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