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How to Kick-Start Your Content Marketing

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The folks at King Content put together a nice white paper on a Seven Steps approach to content marketing. This is current and important especially considering the impact of video communications. It is crucial for organisations to have a clear understanding of what to promote, how, when and why. Missing to do this leads to communications that cannot bubble up to the surface of the ocean of information we live in today.

This white paper, Seven Steps, outlines a series of basic strategies that every company, small or large, should consider, and review, when approaching the creation of every new medium of communication.

I found this white paper insightful, especially when related to the way organisations communicate today through videos (corporate and not). Video communications are still immature in the corporate space. The video media are not used to their full potential and very often are just published and forgotten on a youtube page or website.

Publications like this remind us that we should think more about the way we communicate. Experienced marketing and communications professionals should acknowledge that we live in a time where old rules should be reviewed in light of a changed approach to media.

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