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How would Don Draper work today?

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What has changed in the last 50 years in the way we work? If Don Draper were working today how would he deliver his pitches?

Something that I personally like about the Mad Men series is the emphasis they always put on storytelling during Don's presentations.

Do you remember the carousel pitch for Kodak? 

There was an article today exactly about this topic: how people used to work 50 years ago. The entire focus was on technology. Is that possible? Have we become completely blind to what's important? Is technical progress being mistaken for human evolution?


Watch the Kodak pitch again from Mad Men and think about how would you take Don Draper’s pitch and put it into your everyday reality.


Apple has taught us, in many different ways, that sometimes technology, specs, numbers and figures are not the right tool to engage an audience. What is it then? I will never get tired of saying that it’s about a story.


Some people think that Apple moved away from specs selling to selling beauty and design. I believe that Apple sells you your story. How cool is your life going to be once you begin to use one of their devices. They manufacture a story and superimpose it to your life.

We all buy into that because we are engaged by storytelling not by numbers and technical facts. 

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