Our Video Production Services

Service Description
Video message (e.g. CEO message) A simple but effective video communication tool for internal and external communications.
Web Video A video introduction to your business for your website, a video message or blog for web and social media updates (e.g. Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, etc)
Event Filming Filming of corporate events and video editing of individual presentations with inclusion of slides to build effective communication and educational tools.
Case study (documentary style) Engaging videos presenting company’s technology and services in a documentary style.
Corporate Video Fundamental video communication tool for any organisation. Corporate videos include engaging graphics and storytelling for the presentation of a business, product or service.
Marketing Campaign A set of videos to support marketing and communications campaigns (e.g. product launch, marketing initiatives, recruitment campaign, etc)
3D animation or flythrough 3D modeling, animation and rendering of products, buildings, etc to promote and present products, services, and initiatives.

Our Media Production Retainers

Retainer Package Includes

Media Basic

Production of 1 simple video per month

Video Production inclusive of:

• 1 half filming day and 1 half day of editing
• 1 full day or 2 half editing days (for existing footage)

Media Starter

Production of 2 simple videos per month

Video Production inclusive of:

• 2 half filming days and 2 half days of editing
• 2 full days or 4 half editing days (for existing footage)

Media Professional

Production of 4 simple video per month

Video Production inclusive of:

• 4 half filming days and 4 half days of editing
• 4 full days or 8 half editing days (for existing footage)

Media Business

Production of 8 simple videos per month

Video Production inclusive of:

• 8 half filming days and 8 half days of editing
• 8 full days or 16 half editing days (for existing footage)

Our Social Media Services

Service Includes


One-on-one, based on client's needs, evaluate what they are doing well, what to improve, tips, etc. This is an open conversation about Social Media objectives.


One-on-one or group. This is a proper educational tool for beginners.

Facebook Audit

Evaluation of client's Facebook Page with assessment of what is beind done well and what can be improved. The service includes a written report.

  • Silver: Page only
  • Gold: Page + Promotions (Tabs)
  • Platinum: Page + Promotions + Ads
  • Diamond: Page + Promotions + Ads + Competitive Analysis

Facebook Competition and App (Tab) Development

Design and development of social competitions to reach the client's business goals. Does not include permits (it does include list of social competitions/games).

Facebook Ad Campaign Development

Design and development of Facebook advertising campaigns.

Content Calendar

Prepare content for a month in advance, based on the client's needs.

Page Management

We do the work for you (not including Competition and Ad development)

  • Silver: Content scheduling and upload. Replying to comments and messages (not including customer service), customer service management (forward claims to client, advise how to approach, etc...)
  • Gold: Silver + Facebook Page Analytics, including dashboards per page and per post.
  • Platinum: Gold + Advanced Analytics (competition analysis, etc...)
  • Diamond: Platinum + Ad Management (change bids, ad reporting, etc...)